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McClelland Va #22
« on: August 14, 2011, 04:09:07 PM »
Described on the tin as "A balanced blend of Eastern and Middle belt Virginias aged in cakes to develop their natural sweetness. A zesty tobacco with rich undertones, coarse enough to smoke on windy days outdoors, but easily rubbed-out to suit any occasion."

It is a broken flake, air-cured. My tin in dated 2006, so it's had some time to develop. The pipe is a Pietenpauw billiard.

The tin aroma is really something special - the richness of stewed apricots. Not much evidence of the usual McClelland acetic acid smell at all.

THe flavour profile in the first half of the bowl is quite narrow - not particularly sweet with layers of lemon. I was expecting something deeper & richer, just coming off tins of Blackwoods Flake & Dark Star. Va #22 is not that. There are light notes of grass, not the hay taste of Union Square. A bit like chewing on a grass stem. Incidentally, the lemon doesn't present as tartness but as a dry (in the wine sense), citrus note.

As the bowl progresses a little more sweetness & roundness comes through but the overall taste does not change much. The grassy note does become a bit more hay-like though. Not that it's monotonous - there's enough going on to keep one interested. Incidentally, I find it useful to exhale through my nose while sampling tobaccos. The sense of smell is often clearer than that of taste.

This is a good tobacco in it's own right. Not what I had expected but good nonetheless. I prefer greater complexity in Va's - Dark Star is a favourite for example. It's one that every Va-phile should try.


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Re: McClelland Va #22
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2011, 05:50:05 PM »
Mudd… I think you hit a homerun with this review. I just happen to have an open tin of a 2006 McClelland #22 myself, but not your talent for reviewing.
IMO your review is spot on. Being a big fan of McClelland’s VA’s I was unimpressed with the first half of the bowl. With a name Matured Virginias #22, I just expected the same wow factor (Sweet VA Flavor) I get when lighting up a bowl of Blackwoods Flake or Christmas Cheer. Now I’m not saying this is a bad smoke, it’s just not special… well for me anyway.

BTW… I’m picking up a tin at my local B&M this week based on your earlier review and comments here.

Thanks for the review my friend!
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Re: McClelland Va #22
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2011, 12:46:27 AM »
Incidentally, the lemon doesn't present as tartness but as a dry (in the wine sense), citrus note.

Citrus note.  I get that with OGS too.  Wonder what gives off that flavor?

Mike, fantastic review.  You know someone nails a review when it does not come across as a fluffed up essay, rather stirs the PAD in ones wallet.  Your review did just that.

Bob Rivet

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Re: McClelland Va #22
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2011, 11:41:13 PM »
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