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McClelland Black Parrot
« on: April 22, 2011, 06:28:46 PM »
This is from a tin dated '09 & generously gifted by a friend of mine. Black Parrot is described as "A balanced blend with Va, Carolina & pure Louisiana Perique, this unique square-cut pipe tobacco encompasses flavor, maturity & mellow smoking." FWIW, Carolina is known for Carolina brights, a yellowish Va. In the tin this is flecked through the dark brown of the Red Va's. I had expected that, with a name like Black Parrot, it would be similar to Dark Star. It's not all. The closest I can come to describing it is 2015 but with the Perique amped up quite a bit.

The tin has the usual McClelland ketchup smell - not offensive but distinctive.

I rubbed out a bowlful. Although quite moist, it lit easily & stayed that way. First impressions were sweetness & a serious pepperiness from the Perique, with slightly sour undertones. That's perique. The Va's are top-notch though - sweet, but not cloyingly so (as 5100 can be) with suggestions of a citrus note. During the first half of the bowl, the flavours did not integrate terribly well. That happened later in the smoke when the Perique settled down to a mild spiciness & the edge came off the sweetness. It became pretty darn good. If anything the citrus flavour came more to the forefront. Flavour there is aplenty.

I have the impression that I need to leave this tobacco in the tin for a couple of weeks to let air do its magic. I sense that some of the edges will come off & the blend will harmonise more.