Author Topic: Mc Clelland St. James Woods  (Read 1085 times)


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Mc Clelland St. James Woods
« on: December 15, 2009, 03:40:00 PM »
Decided to try & describe this very good Va blend. The aroma in the tin is sweet (from the Red Va's) with a musty undertone from my tin dated '06. First light & you are immediately greeted with rich, sweet smoke with a fullness that is really engaging. No bite whatsoever. What there is though is a noticeable pepperiness from the Perique which adds immensely to the smoke. This is a beautifully balanced tobacco. I have heard it reported as the tinned version of 2015 but I'm not sure these are quite the same animal. SJW is far more rounded, not harsh at all - although no doubt the bit of age on the tin has done it no harm. The stoved Va's serve to break the sometimes almost cloying sweetness of the red Va's as the bowl progresses. The taste of raisins comes through quite strongly. This is not a hugely complex tobacco - it delivers a well-rounded, sweet & somewhat peppery smoke & does it consistently well throughout the bowl.

I won't write about what colour ash is left in the bottom of the bowl as I don't think anyone gives a rat's ass about ash colour. And I won't say anything about ketchup & McClelland either.

This is a really good tobacco. I rate it 4/5.


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Re: Mc Clelland St. James Woods
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2009, 03:52:07 PM »
Nice review, Mike!

This blend, along with several other of the "woods" blends, always catches my eye when I'm browsing the online tobacco shops. I think I just might have to give in one day and order a bunch of McC blends. I've only ever had the Frog Morton sampler pack from them.


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Re: Mc Clelland St. James Woods
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2011, 04:26:03 AM »

just tried SJW--always a day late an a good bit more than a dollar short--i must say i have never been a proponent of Virginias--i have always been a burley man--

last week i obtained a tin of SJW--long story short, i liked it altho it still caused the same old allergic reaction to the lining of my mouth, as do all Virginias--

i decided to try to cut it, so i mixed a small amount; 70% PA/30% SJW--this particular mixture showed no tendency to cause the allergic reaction that usually occurs when i partake of Virginia tobacco-- i LIKED THIS ONE ALSO--the burley was certainly there in the PA--the Virginia was muted but still contributed some small amount of sweetness--the Perique was still there, right in the forefront in a big way--the aroma and flavor reminded me of some of the home brew tobac concoctions the old guys in my home town used to smoke during the '50s and '60s (only the good Lord knows what they were smoking)--as a teenager i was never told--

i'm going to use this home made mix for a while, and hopefully build up a tolerance to Virginias--maybe i will be able someday to enjoy them full strength--worth a try--
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